Follow the wagon-rutted roads --- to the past.   To a time when 
Southern ideals and values were a lifestyle not just mere words. When
a man's word and a handshake was the way business was done.   When 
God,  Home, Heritage, and Country  were part of the everyday life.
When Honor, Home, and Hearth meant something to live and die for.

Take the wagon-rutted road to theCrossroads Village--  where you'll
find the past as it was at the height of  the Confederacy.  Stop at 
the Crossroads Gazette and read the latest postings of the War -
- Read  articles and events of the years 1860 - 1865 and later. 
All written by those that were there and lived it.

While you are at the Village --

Stroll down the wooden sidewalks, stop, browse, and talk to the 
shopkeepers --  Although pro confederate you'll find many items from 
the North and South that represent the War Between the States.  Then 
turn the corner  and follow the  sidewalk into the   Crossroads Mall
where you will find shops filled with items that are modern in nature 
and manned by shopkeepers who believe in the old values.

Than travel  the super highways to the future South --- Here  you'll
find new Southron spirit,  new hope,  new life and  a brand new breed
of Southerners -- our future, your future,  all with the traditions of
the South -    with Southron  ideals-  with Southron  values -- -

All roads are leading South--with a definite and distinct direction--
dotted with our Southern values, our Southern traditions and
our Southern Heritage .

Sit back, relax, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, and join us -
travel down the Southern Crossroads, and meet the  folks that 
make up our friends and neighbors.



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