This was written as a tribute to all the ladies
of the United Daughters Of The Confederacy

‘Twas long ago that dream did pause

And rest here for awhile

Among the fields of Blue and Gray

Where they no longer smile

Good Southron men do lie here now

In peace for evermore

Revered and loved, these men so brave

From this so tragic war

Forgotten not, remembered well

Your kinfolk here reside

They never heard the tolling bell

And knew not of our pride

Yet there’s a group of ladies fine

United in their quest

To see the names that never die

In glory may they rest

United daughters, one and all

Their hearts are filled with love

Still fighting for the earthly rights

Of those in Heaven above

They fight and pray, for you dear ones

Sometimes against the tide

United for eternity

To keep the dream alive


Written by Roy Rawlinson 25th August 1999