My horror of the Sunken Road, and what happened there.



Hey stranger, why d`ya come here?
What brings you to this place?
Looks like you travelled many miles,
For weary, lines your face.
Do I know you? Are we kinfolk?
Do we both share a name?
Is that my friend what brings you here
To stand in Sunken Lane?

Was on that rise they did appear,
Those Irish boys so brave,
And as we saw their buckle`s bright
We fired the leaden wave.
With heavy heart I watched them fall,
Such slaughter never seen,
But still they came, those Irishmen
Beneath their flag of green.

How soon the whip did change of hand
As death rained from the sky.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
Just wait your turn to die.
That sunken road awash with blood,
As men lay all askew
And I was there upon that day,
Thank God my friend not you.

It`s time to go my special friend
Back to your home so fine,
To tell them all of how it was,
Our story, yours and mine.
Remember us in time to come,
Weighed down beneath your load,
For we were there, at Antietum,
Along that sunken road.