(For Robert E. Lee)

Where dreams once borne of Avalon
Pervade the inner eye
As Guinivere`s frail beauty
Lights up this Southern sky
Yet came the beast of Babylon
As spider, to the fly.
A deadly web to weave and cast,
This country, born to die.

Then came a king, to Camelot
Of true bold chivalry,
From house once named Pendragon,
Now knightly Robert Lee.
Excalibur in Albion,
Re-named for Queen `cross sea.
Here golden flame of Christendom,
To burn, eternally.

Yet Avalon be distant now
As mist, cool evening,
The green fields of Virginia
Her gentle song do sing.
Yet Camelot was here one time
Pendragon for her king.
For ever now, and evermore
He ride the angel`s wing