This was written after the Commemoration of 2001,
on the 100th anniversary of the death of James Dunwoody Bulloch.
It symbolises the UDC coming to England, to reclaim, and return to the USA,
with the spirits of two of their own.

Comin` Home

A hundred years, now lost in time
Far gone, as never there.
For you are here,dear friends of ours,
Ye friends who really care.
You come so far, across the sea,
And England`s pleasant land.
To be as one with we again,
You take us by the hand.

So many years we lay alone,
Forgot then but by few.
Just now and then, there`d be a call,
From someone, just like you.
Our souls dear friend, now laid to rest,
As minds come here to meet.
You`ll never know just what this means
To men, beneath your feet

To see you now, up there above.
That uniform, so proud
Hear gentle voice of Southern belle
Mid hushed, andsilent crowd.
To hear once more our Nation`s pledge,
and join thee in your mind
We thank Thee Lord, dear God above
Blest be the tie that binds.

Now you do leave, while spirit stay
Abroad no more to roam
For Liverpool, read Dixieland
The boys! They`re comin home

Roy Rawlinson January 2001.