My Dying Day

My country dies, in feet so bare
but nought that I can do.
Just hope that I somehow survive,
and pray, for Ben and you.
This war is done and cause is lost,
The bluecoat reigns supreme,
He comes again to scorch our earth,
Make ashes of our dream.

But come the dawn once more we`ll stand
to face his deadly hail.
These men of ours, so weakened now,
our army left so frail.
We stagger through this frozen field
in uniforms so thin
Our pride to take us forward now,
Our flag to not give in

Here comes the glow that brings the sun,
Men stir, and start to pray
A single thought pervades our camp
"Is this my dying day?"
I fear that I have writ my last
No more, to leave this place
"Oh God above, don`t let me die,
Shine fortune on my face."

To walk once more with you my love
And sit by Jasmine tree,
Hold in my arms our darling Ben,
to bounce him, on my knee.
But time is called, and I must go,
Leave dreams, in words unsaid
No Carolina sunshine here,
nor smell of fresh baked bread

Remember me my darling bride,
Tell Ben of daddies war,
Of how he loves you both so much,
And will, for evermore.