Sarah`s Eyes

Cross lonely fields her gaze does flow
Through memories of time.
Of stolen kiss, and gentle rouch,
And secret, hidden sign.

She thinks of he, who stole her heart
Now safe, in Heaven above
And sheds the tear, of they who mourn,
For unrquited love.

For Sarah`s love, now lays with Whit,
Out there, beneath the sand.
And all thats left is memory,
With tiny golden band.

Poor Whit lay dying, as they wed,
Cut down, through family lie,
for mother`s satisfaction,
Young Whit, he had to die.

And here she sits, all clothed in black,
Cold tears cascading down,
As she remebers time that was
So precious wedding gown

Through Sarah`s eyes, I feel the pain,
The heart that broke in two.
As I too, shed a lonely tear,
For love, that was so true.