Lest Ye Forget

Another day, they gather round,
To stare down at my stone.
And gently wonder, who it is
Who lies here, all alone.

I`m everything to everyone
I`m all you wish to be
I`m black, I`m white, I`m indian
Right here, for you to see

Where did he die? they always say
What happened to this man
This unknown soldier, laying here,
Neath this, our precious land

I am the man who fought this war
From start , right through to end.
My spirit was invincible
My faith did never bend

At Sumter`s Fort did journey start
And last but four long years
The fighting it did hurt us so
We shed ten million tears

Manassas, Nashville, Richmond too
I fought them all with pride
Was in these places, my dear friend
That I lay down and died

I died in fields, i died on sand
I died among the trees
I died on rivers, round our ports
I`m o`er the seven seas

And now I rest, right here dear lord
For all to come and mourn
The poor Reb soldier/sailor boy
Who from your breast was torn