Shortly after writing this, on a whim I might add,
I heard from my friend Annette. She knows a man who says he regularly talks to
a ghost of Johnny Reb!


The Ghost Of Johnny Reb

I see you now, as you stroll by.
but I know you dont see me.
For I`m the ghost of Johnny Reb,
And I live here, in this tree.

I`ve seen them come, for many years,
To gaze upon this place.
And see where it all happened then
With wonder, on their face.

It all does look so peacefull now,
With trees, and spacious lawn.
As I watch over all our men,
To pray with them, each dawn

We meet each night, to sit and talk,
Of faces, we have seen.
We wonder if they were our kin,
Or even , might have been.

I walk these grounds, and far beyond,
To show you, on your way.
Of course, you do not see me,
Nor hear the words I say.

For I`m the ghost of Johnny Reb,
I`ll be here, for all time.
To help you see, what we did do.
Our hearts, entwined with thine.


Copyright: Roy Rawlinson, October, 1999