Poetry From Across The Sea

By Roy Rawlinson

This is my poetry site.

It dates from 1999 until the present day.


Listed below are links to personal poems, written for friends, from information that they supplied.
Also other works of mine will appear soon..

Please feel free to e-mail me,

Roy Rawlinson

with any comments or questions

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Loch Lomond At Dusk, July 2008.

  • Personal Poetry Written For Friends


    My recent work

    Malevolance Walking

    Inspired by the album Desperado.


    Lost Septembers

    My visit to Ground Zero, NYC.


    Rainy Day Blues

    As per the title


    Amy Winehouse

    Thought on substance misuse.


    5 Miles High! And 60 Below

    Visions through a winter`s night.