In Dreams Of Gray



In dreams of gray
With flags unfurled
Sleep sparkling silver souls
With diamond eyes
Of piercing bright
And hearts, carved from pure gold


I lay me down, to sleep once more
To rest my weary head
Where all have lain, for ages past
In this, our family bed
To wait for he, who comes each eve
My memory to ignite
With trips of wonder, and of awe
Across this land so bright.

I drift away in slumbers sweet
Then hear that gentle sound
As I am lifted from this place
To float, across the ground
We journey on, cross vale and hill
In silence as we go
Through time and space, we do return
To days so long ago

And now I see, there in the dark
Those tents, in structured rows
Filled with men, all dressed in gray
An eerie light, it glows
We swoop on down, to join these souls
Though they know not we are here
They do not see our ghostly forms
Unaware we are so near.

They talk of how the fight will be
Upon this coming morn
With trembling voice, and moistened eyes
And hope, thats so forlorn
They speak of home, and children sweet
Of ones now left behind
Of wifely lips, and Mother`s arms
And eyes that were so kind

"How will I fare" I hear one say
"Should I meet a friend.
Which one of us will make the choice
A friendship there to end"
"And should I die on morrows morn
Who will tell them how
I fought and died for them dear God.
Maybe they’ll never know"

These men so brave, rest quiet now
In lonely solitude
Each lost in thought and mortal fear
Of sights already viewed
Sleep does not come, there is no chance
To dream a last goodbye
Just lie awake, and wonder how
It feels, to fight and die

So now we leave, and make our way
Back to my sheltered life
Where fear and pain no longer stay
To haunt me through the night
Oh here I could go back in time
And change what happened then
Remove this slaughter from our past
Reclaim those lonely men

And now I’m back within my bed
To see approaching dawn
Once more to wipe away a tear
To greet the sun, reborn
I`ll ne`er forget these mortal men
Nor cast them from my mind
Their memories etched upon my soul
Forever there to find

The night is done, and now I wake
To start my daily task
To nightfall to survive dear Lord
This is all I ask
To go once more, to see these men
And join them, as they pray
And I give thanks, to God above
For dreams. And men. In gray