Joseph Stillwell Cain, Jr. (Joe Cain) (October 10, 1832 April 17, 1904) is largely credited with the rebirth of Mardi Gras celebrations in Mobile, Alabama

In 1866, following the Civil War and while Mobile was still under Union occupation, Joe Cain
paraded through the streets of Mobile, dressed in improvised costume depicting a fictional Chickasaw chief named Slacabamorinico. The choice was a backhanded insult to the Union forces in that the Chickasaw had never been defeated in war. The following year (1867), Joe was joined by other Confederate veterans, parading in a decorated coal wagon, playing drums and horns, and the group became the "Lost Cause Minstrels" of Mobile.

This was the origin of The Order of Myths parade on Fat Tuesday
Joe Cain is currently buried at Church Street Graveyard in Mobile, Alabama.

What follows is my tribute to Joe, with special thanks to Steve B.




Come Follow Joe Cain

Come follow, come follow,
Come follow Joe Cain
To walk thru Port City
And cast off the pain.
Come take out your gray
And wear it with pride,
No matter what happened,
We aint gonna hide.

Come follow my broom
As it sweeps back the hurt,
Rejoice is the cry,
A day filled with mirth.
Dont need no badges,
Dont need no name,
In Glory the mem`ry
Will always remain.

Tis surely the time
To let the world see,
Though body be beaten,
The spirit is free.
Behind you lay sadness
All trouble and strife
Come join the parade
As we celebrate life.

Our life it is precious,
Our culture so fine,
Preserve it I beg you,
For now, and all time
So come join the march
To walk once again
Down Government Street,
Come follow, come follow,
Come follow Joe Cain.