Love Divine

Dont weep for me sweet darling bride
Cast teardrops from your face.
For I`m at peace, with Jesus now,
I rest in God`s sweet Grace
Tis time to cast those clothes of black,
Begin once more your life.
Forgive them all, for they knew not,
Their life, so filled with strife.
Walk in the sun, be tall, be proud,
Show how our love was strong.
No need to tell them of the pain.
Their hurt, will last so long.

Sweet child, I ask for evermore,
You keep our golden band.
With names entwined in our sweet love,
That I, placed on your hand.
For in that ring, we both reside.
For now, and for all time.
That band does hold the special love,
That once, was yours and mine.
Go live your life, and marry soon,
Bring children to your world.
For time will come, when you will know,
Our story to unfurl.

For ring must stay within your hand,
And on, through future time.
So they will know, how you and I,
Did share a love divine.