Sleep Now My Child

I see your face, so filled with love,
Such beauty in your smile.
For night is when I come to call,
To visit for a while.
Bring back that time from long ago
When we did wear the gray,
To tell you how it was dear heart,
With love these words I say.

We Porters farmed in Corapeake,
Our land so rich and fine,
Then came the cloak of darkness
As bitter tasting wine
For John and I, we had to go,
To fight for those we love.
Now left behind our worldly dreams,
In care, of God above.

So filled with pride, we marched on out,
To face the Yankee foe.
No thought then of what might be,
Or how the blood would flow.
My heart was torn in sixty-three
Mannassas was the place.
Dear brother John departed there,
Such sorrow stained my face.

For war is hard, and cuts the soul,
Young family ripped apart.
So hard then to carry on
With leaden weighted heart.
But fight I must, and fight I did,
For John, my brother dear.
No matter what the danger,
I knew that he was near.

Yes John was with me all the way,
Right up to Wilderness.
Where I became a prisoner,
In lonely cell to rest.
No more the blood and heartfelt pain
Of men who fought and died.
Just lonely night and memory,
So many tears I cried.

So sleep in peace, my precious one,
For we know what you do.
To keep alive our history,
Your love comes shining through.
But now the dawn approaches fast
It`s time for me to go,
To wait another summer`s eve
And twilights early glow

This is a personal poem, written for my friend Mary Looney in Dallas.
The Porter brothers are ancestors of Mary.