"Maybe A 1000 Years

Was long ago that I first heard
This tale of he who flies
To spread God`s love throughout this world
This amn so old and wise
My Momma took me on her knee
When I was barely four
To tell me tale so wondrous then
That I was filled with awe

She told of he on steed so white
Who few have ever seen
Who skirts the sky through day and night
In search of those in need
He steals across the night so bright
Like noiseless breath of wind
To spread His love, and show God`s light
new lives to then begin

He calls on those who daily pray
With love so clear and pure
Whose life about to ebb away
He brings them back once more
He covers them in God`s sweet love
And nourishes their soul
To show them how their life to lead
God`s story to be told

As I did grow I ne`er forgot
Those words my Momma said
Each night I`d pray to God above
If only in my head
I`d look around in search of he
On steed so shining bright
I wondered if he`d come for me
One dark and stormy night

At twenty one I met my love
And took her for my wife
Then two fine sons they came along
Complete did seem my life
But life moves on and things do change
Soon we were swathed in black
For soldiers they came down on us
We had to drive them back

My name I signed to go to fight
For all I knew was true
We had to save our precious earth
From men all dressed in blue
We travelled miles across this land
To places never heard
To stand as one and meet our foe
A place they callVicksburg

While battle raged and men did scream
I prayed to God above
"Care for my wife and my sweet sons
Lord, hold them in Your love"
For I was filled with mortal fear
And shook with awesome fright
Would I survive this fateful day
Once more to see the night

Then I was struck with fearsome blow
And fell down to the ground
A gaping hole within my chest
As blood spread all around
I cried in pain as I lay still
With bedlam all about
I tried to call but voice was gone
No words would they come out

I thought of those I love so dear
And wondered how they`d fare
For I did fear that I was gone
And would no more be there
Then quiet settled like a cloak
I lay in still and calm
For I knew then that he was there
And I did fear no harm

A gentle glow then came in view
As warm wind touched my face
And silver light did spread around
And I was bathed in grace
I saw his horse so tall and proud
A vision of pure white
As he did look into my eyes
No more this deathly fright

He said to me the time was wrong
For I had task to fill
And he would call another time
Was then I`d pay my bill
What happened then I cannot say
For I did gently sleep
For ten long days thay say I lay
While life I fought to keep

So I returned back to my farm
And those I held so dear
Once more complete we lived a life
With God in love and fear
For fifty years we farmed that land
While thanking God each day
As young ones grew and children came
Around our house to play

And then I kenw, my time had come
It was my day to die
But please dear Lord, not in my bed
Once more to see the sky
So sons did take me to the yard
To lie on lounging chair
And there before me all around
God`s beauty shining there

And then there came that "deja vous"
The warm glow all around
I knew that I`d been here before
Recalled those fearful sounds
Now he was back to call his tune
My time was surely done
For I had lived past fifty years
Since day of Yankee gun

He spoke to me in gentle tone
Yet face set so severe
"Now I am back to show the way
Your future to come clear
For clouds do gather `cross the sea
World war is now at hand
So you will come to learn the way
And ride your horse so grand"

Four horsemen now they have rode out
To spread their fear and woe
And we must go to take a stand
To stop this mortal blow
For now God`s work you will partake
To care for perilled souls
To nurture them throughout their life
Is now your knightly role"

"You`ll ride with me to show the way
As wind upon the plain
For mortal men now we must save
In God and Jesus` name
You`ll watch for them throughout all time
And banish all their fears
For just how long I cannot say
Maybe a thousand years