Seminary Ridge

Atop this ridge of torment
Where fear and pain do creep
Dank horror brings the sickness
To take away the sleep
Where now gone Nature`s beauty,
Does acid taint your soil?
Or was it screams of lonely men
That fed your festered boil?

Yet here I am, alone once more,
To walk this woeful land.
To feel the dread of those who passed
And perished on your sand.
I stumble now with heavy heart
Consumed with fear to tread.
For here`s the sound of battle now,
The whip of flying lead.

Your chilling breeze does lacerate,
Yet sun do shine so bright.
For July on Seminary,
Feels like the dead of night.
A chill descends, an awesome cloak,
As tears do tumble down,
Cold shivers as I wander
Your deadly killing ground

How I curse thee Seminary
Yet still, am filled with love
For men who died so long ago,
Smote by your mighty glove.
I love you, yet I hate you,
My soul in flame do burn.
I cannot wait to leave you,
Nor wait, then to return.