Whispered Strands

Whispered strands of memory
Encircle round the head
As pain wracked torso trembles
From wounds now sorely bled
Espied the home bound family
Grey ghostly vision seen
And children fade to darkness
Amid a sea of green

Remembered days of frolic
Across this furrowed brow
The lifeblood slowly ebbing
On Vicksburgs broken plough
This duty call, and now fulfilled
Soon be the widowed wife
To vent her painful anguish
Just one more shattered life

Angelic ride to Christendom
Borne on a silver cloud
Eternal transformation now
Be quiet, nay yet loud
Suffer grieving family
Beyond the frozen pale
When re-united history
Cast forth the undreamt tale

Together soon in paradise
Of sweet ethereal light
Souls bonded for eternity
Where astral plain so bright
Ye mortal men who make the stand
Fear not the waning moon
See the glory that awaits you
In the golden sceptred room