Teardrops From Heaven

Remember me, oh precious one,
As you wander through this land
Where I did come, those years ago,
to make our final stand

All was lost, I knew that then,
as we gathered here so forlorn
Once more to face our dreadful foe,
on this, just one more dawn

The sun did shine so bright that day,
on Virginia, sweet and fair
As they came to ravish Richmond,
and to leave her lying bare

Honour not they had, nor mortal shame,
while laying her to waste
And I was bound, to die there Lord,
with tears upon my face

These tears that once were oh so sad,
now fill my heart with joy
I send them down to you dear one,
and your darling baby boy

They come with hope, they come with love,
these tears are Heaven sent
The child you named for me dear one,
was ere a tribute meant?

Copyright Roy Rawlinson 4th September 1999