Christmas Tears

Twas the night before Christmas
And all round the field
Men lay, slowly dying,
Their wounds, not to heal

The battle was over,
The victory won.
Yet many a mother
Had lost her dear son

The night was so silent,
Yet filled with such pain
As wind she did whisper
Unfortunate names.

Young men of valour,
Once filled with such hope.
Now lie here freezing
Devoid of all hope

While Mother`s at home
Preparing the feast,
She has no knowledge
That he met the Beast

She dreams of the day
When he will return.
What wonders he`ll tell her,
What stories she`ll learn

So now it is Christmas
And she says a prayer,
For mothers world over
And sons they did bear

A time of such gladness
A time of such joy
A time to remember
And think of her boy

How will she fare?
When she hears his plight
How part of her soul
Did die on this night

For Christmas to come
No more be the same,
And tears they will flow
At speech of his name

So as you sit down
To feast on this day
Remember this tale
And words I did say

Of mothers world over
Now never to see
This man of their life
By bright Christmas tree

And please say a prayer
For they that depart
Their memory to stay
All time in your heart