Men Who Died In Vain


My soul may burn with sorrow
My body rack with pain
Would be but just a droplet
To men who died in vain.

I hear that war is noble
And fills the heart with pride.
Maybe that only happens
If you`re the winning side
I wonder how, must young men feel
To know their cause is lost,
Yet still to follow order
No matter how much cost.

To stand in line and face the foe,
Yet know the war is done.
Such men do brim with courage,
To even raise their gun.
What must it take, to fight and know
This breath could be your last,
To be so brave and foolish
Once final die is cast.

Yet men did stand and fight as so
Right to the bitter end,
While kin did starve and land did burn,
Their spirit never bend.
Their names are written in the sky
And etched on grains of sand.
Remember them, when you do hurt
In your precious home so grand.

There was a time when all was waste,
And ground was laid so bare
So as you walk across this land
Tread gently, with great care.
And tell me not of life so bad,
Nor speak of mental pain.
But think of those, beneath your feet,
The men who died in vain