Valley Road

This valley road is quiet now
No more the driving throng
No soldiers on their way to war
To sing that Dixie song.
No trucks of thunder, screaming by,
Nor cars in frantic chase.
For the sweet air of Virginia
Now anoint this place.

Come stroll with me,on walk of love,
Back through the mists of time
Through wooded glade and cooling breeze
Breathe in the air of pine.
To close your eyes and stand a while
In silent solitude,
Remember men who stood right here
The sights that they have viewed.

Hear valley breeze, that rustles on,
As did so long ago.
Remember souls who perished here
Nowhere for them to go.
Yet now they live in peace once more
A testament to love.
These men who walked the Valley Road
As death did float above

Now peace returns and silence rules,
The memory so lives on,
Of how it was before that war,
With nature, life as one.
Rebirth is here, eternal spring,
Her trees now sway and talk.
So leave your car, and come my friend,
It`s time to take a walk.