I Wept For Thee

I wept for thee, thou Southern land,
Whose heart wast cut so much.
Defiled, by those dishonored,
Men kissed, by Satan`s touch

Why burn thy homes, lay country bare,
What honor in these deeds?
Like harlots, they did stalk thy land,
Fuelled by all their greed.

Their sins thy know, nor will forget,
Thou bear them like a scar.
But God, who blessed this precious land
Still watches, from afar.

For he doth smile, on this sweet place,
And knows how it will be.
For one day, peaceful kith and kin,
Will live His harmony

And when that day doth come to dawn,
And all must give account.
Then ye will stand, so high and tall,
Atop God`s Kingly mount.