Volume 1 - Articles                                                                     Crossroads, C.S.A.

On the following pages we will once again attach flesh and bone to our heroes so that we may better under-
stand the feelings of those men who have now gone to dust.   It is said that, "Before we can honor,  we must first understand."

It has been said that the "Southern Historical Society Papers" are a true and actual picture of the feelings of the southland.  So many of the following features are from those historical writings.


THE LIFE OF A SOLDIER   by Carlton McCarthy is a  series of six articles detailing the everyday life of a soldier.

Paper No.1: 
The Outfit Modified

Paper No.2: 
Romantic Ideas  Dissipated 

Paper No.3:
On the March

Paper No.4: 
Cooking and Eating 

Paper No.5: Improvised 
Infantry-Mansassas to 
Appomattox Courthouse

Paper No.6:  "Brave Survivors, Homeward Bound

Two articles on the "Origin 
of the Confederate Flag"(the facts concurring the origin of the flag and "The Confederate Flag"gives the main facts and several changes made until Feb., 1865. 


Sixty-nine Federals in sight of their Army Captured by Seven Confederatesthe following incident was sent by Captain J.H. Carter of Lexington, Kentucky who received the information from the eyewitnesses and participants. 

Camp Fires of the Boys in Gray by Carlton McCarthy. This articles vividly pictures camp life which will be readily recognized by the "old soldier".  The substance of this paper was delivered at a banquet and reunion of the Richmond Howitzers on Nov 9th, 1875 . 

THE CAVALRY by James N. Dunlopwas a toast given at the Army of Northern Virginia Banquet, October 29th, 1879. "To horse, to horse; the sabers gleam, High Sounds our bugle call, "(sic)...

STATES FLAGSAddress of Hon. John Lamp.  The crowning event of the 18th Annual Reunion of the Grand Camp.  Confederate Veterans of Virginia, was the closing scene tonight the ceremony of receiving from the Commonwealth the captured Virginia flags" (sic)....

TRIBUTE TO A SOLDIER "OUR FALLEN HEROES" Address delivered by Hon. A.M. Keiley of Richmond.  On "Memorial Day", at Loudon Park, near Baltimore, 
June t, 1879. "eloquent tribute of a gallant soldier to fallen comrades and to the cause for which they died."(sic)....

THE WOMEN OF THE SOUTHby Joel Chandler Harris.  Article from the Winchester (Va) Times dated October 22, 1890.  Correcting the fiction assigned to
ladies of the south. 

A PRODIGAL SOLDIER'S RETURN from book entitled" True Tales of the South at War - An emotional story of a son's return years after the war ended.

'WOMAN'S DEVOTION'.Winchester Heroine by General D.H. Maury - The history of Winchester is replete with romantic and glorious memories of the late war. "Oregon Wilson himself a native, paints a fine picture which has drawn tears from many who loved their Southern country and the devoted women" (sic)....

THE BROKEN MUG by John Esten Cooke- the following poem written in the summer of 1865, on the breaking of the mug he had carried through the war; (sic) ....
"Were they authorized and used by the Confederate States Army or by the United States ARmy during the Civil War -- A SLANDER REFUTED." (sic).... _______________________ 

The Death of Willie Abell -A Poem by Rev. Dr. J. C. Hiden     "a hero, who though a beardless boy, was as true to country and to duty as any knight" (sic).....   ________________________

WAR WHEN SOLDIERS WERE NOT FIGHTINGby original  works by numerous contributors- "The hours, days, and months when Civil War soldiers were not in battle offered, many opportunies for relaxation, humor, romance "(sic)....