Charles Kuhn Prioleau, banker to the Coonfederacy in England. One of the more lesser known Confederates in Liverpool during the war, was Charles Kuhn Prioleau. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, he was the manager and partner at Fraser Trenholm, 10 Rumford Place, Liverpool. He was very heavily involved in the purchasing of vessels, arms, ammunition and other ancillary goods, required by the Confederacy.

He married a local girl, who was the acknowledged "Belle of the City" at the time, one Mary Eizabeth Wright. Mrs Prioleau organised several bazaars in St. George's Hall, the proceeds to go to Southern wounded. She raised a total of 20, 000, a vast amount for the period.

After the war, and the bankruptcy of his old firm, Prioleau set up in business in London. He took with him letterbooks and other records dating from 1860. These, along with some records of his London business up to 1877, and many personal letters from Fraser Trenholm, form the basis of the Fraser Trenholm archive, at the Liverpool Maritime Museum.The financial operational records, ledgers, accounts, cash books, contracts etc., may well have been hastily destroyed. However the surviving material is of great importance.

Contained in the archive are the following.

Over 200 original letters to C. K. Prioleau from key persons in the Confederate States of America, with a few photographs.

Subjects included are:-

Blockade running vessels.

The raising of loans.


Details of battles

Bundles of letters and telegrams to and from C. K. Prioleau, over 600 in total.

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