Commemoration Report

On Sunday January 7, 2001, there took place here in England a unique event. For the first time ever in these islands, two Confederate States Naval officers, were the recipients of a UDC grave marking ceremony.

It is our pleasure to tell you that this Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch CSN, and the dedication of grave markers to both he, and his brother Irvine Stephens Bulloch, far exceeded our greatest expectations.

We were graced with the presence of eight wonderful ladies from the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Two descendants of W. C. Miller, who built the CSS Florida, and James Alexander Duguid, who delivered the Florida to John Newlands Maffitt.

In excess of 40 British Confederate re-enactors arrived, travelling from the length and breadth of England.

In total there were 7 resolutions, and 7 wreaths were laid.

The British re-enactors, as well as having a wreath laid, placed individual red carnations on the graves.

The colours were presented by Co. D, 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrel`s).

Mr Roy Rawlinson welcomed all present, and introduced Mrs. Annette Elam Wetzel, ex-recording secretary, Virginia Division UDC. Mrs Wetzel then took over the proceeding.
Pledges were made to the flag of the United States of America, and then the flag of the Confederate States of America.

Colours were posted, and Mrs Frances Clarke Palmer, ex-President General UDC, read a greeting from Mrs Frank I. Sileck, President General UDC.
Mrs Wetzel read a greeting from the Virginia Division UDC.

Honouring Irvine Stephens Bulloch.

Tribute from the Virginia Division UDC,
read by Mrs Joe L Bradbury, Ex-President, Richmond-Stonewall Jackson #1705.

Dedication of gravemarker and flag - Mrs Annette Elam Wetzel.

Honoring James Dunwoody Billoch

Resolutions of Tribute

Roswell Mills #1547, SCV, Roswell, Georgia,
read by Cpl. John Collier, Maj. Gen. Wm. D. McCain #584 SCV

James I. Waddell #1608, SCV, Annapolis,MD
read by Mr. Roy Rawlinson

Col. Heinrich L. Wirtz,Commander, Europe Camp #1612 SCV, Zurich, Switzerland,
read by Mrs Annette Elam Wetzel

Mr Oliver J. Semmes III
read by Mr. Roy Rawlinson

Virginia Division SCV
read by Mrs Joe L. Bradberry Virginia Division UDC

United Daughters of the Confederacy,
read by Mrs. Gregory C. Hoch, President, New York Division, UDC.

The dedication of the grave marker and flags was performed by Mrs F. C. Palmer.

Mrs Wetzel read the Confederate Navy Prayer of Bishop Wilmer.

Presentation of wreaths
Hampton Chapter #167,UDC
Mrs A. Nelson Rogers, Richmond-Stonewall Jackson #1705 UDC.

Warren Rifles Chapter #934 UDC
Miss Virginia Palmer, Ann White #134 UDC.

Richmond-Stonewall Jackson Chapter #1705,UDC
Mrs Walter C. Nelms, Chaplain

Virginia Division UDC
Mrs Joe L. Bradberry

James I Waddel #1608 SCV
Cpl. John Collier

English friends of the Bulloch Brothers
Mr Roy Rawlinson

General organisation UDC
Mrs Frances Clarke Palmer.

Salute - Co. D, 37th Texas Cavalry

Presentation of flowers by the General Staff of the Blue & Gray.

Concluding remarks - Mrs Annette Elam Wetzel

"Blest Be The Tie That Binds" - Assembly

"Taps" - John Fairfield - Bugler.

Retiring of the colours - Co.D 37th Texas Cavalry.


Representing The United Daughters Of The Confederacy

Mrs Annette Elam Wetzel.
Mrs Frances Clarke Palmer.
Mrs Gregory C. Hoch.
Mrs Joe. L. Bradberry.
Mrs A. Nelson Rogers.
Mrs Walter C. Nelms.
Mrs James R. Cook.
Miss Virginia Palmer.


Colour Guard
Capt. Jason Fazakerly.
Sgt. Roger Bray.
Cpl. John Collier.
Trooper Dart.
Trooper Parker.
Trooper Singh.


Bugler - John Fairfield.


Assembled persons whose names we know.

Mr Richard Harris, Paignton, Devon
Mr Stephen Harris, Paignton, Devon
Mr & Mrs Neville Wantling - Gen. & Mrs Robert E. Lee
Mr Peter Jones - Gen. "Grumble" Jones
Mr. Mal Thory - Gen. George Pickett.
Mr. Gary Larkin - Gen. James Longstreet.
Mr. R.A.J. Millward. - Capt. T. J. Gorie.
Mrs Helen Millward - Major Taylor.
Mr Johnathon Sefton - Flagbearer.
Andy - Flagbearer.
Ms Eileen Hoyle - Belle Boyd.
Mr Colin and Mrs Linda Harthen - Mr & Mrs Judah P. Benjamin.
Mr David Small
Mrs Alma Small
Mr Bernie Gilfoyle
Mr W. Curtis, Crimean War Society, representing Mr John Ellis (Captain John), of Mobile Alabama.
Mr. Bob Jones - Representing "The Crew"
Mrs Margaret Collier
Mrs Barbara Collier.
Mr Andrew Hoggard.
ACWS representatives from Birmingham, Bolton, Liverpool & Sheffield.


The majority of the assembled persons then retired to the Squires Hotel in Southport, to attend a performance of "The Alabama Story" in words & music, by "The Crew".
Upon completion of their excellent performance, Mr David Tollerton, of the Crew, presented the UDC, via Mrs Annette Elam Wetzel, with two large rivets. These came from the original dock gates, built in 1850, to Graving Dock Number 4, in Lairds Shipyard, Birkenhead. The same dock where the Alabama was fitted out in the spring of 1862.

This was a wonderful day for all concerned, and hopefully has ignited a spark that will burn ever brighter within these islands. There are many Confederate personnel at rest within these islands, also Union men. We now intend to proceed from this point to honour as many of these brave persons as possible.

Our most grateful thanks go to all who contributed, be it materially or sprirtually.

Mrs Annette Elam Wetzel & Mr Roy Rawlinson
January 23,2001


The Resolutions