Assitant Surgeon Thomas J. Charlton CSN.



The lady in the photographabove is Mrs Julia Charlton,
the writer of "The Charlton Letters".

The photograph was kindly supplied by Mr. Tom charlton.

This lady is Sarah Ellen Charlton 1835 - 1886. Thomas Charlton`s sister,
referred to as "Priss" in the Charlton letters


Thomas Jackson Charlton was born in Bryan county, Georgia, in 1833. When Thomas was two years old, his father died from Yellow Fever, during an outbreak on the Plantation in Bryan county. Thomas`s father was also a doctor, and was responsible for the welfare of many slaves in the area known as Hardwicke and present day Richmond Hill, GA.
With the death of Thomas`s father in 1835, his mother took the family to live in a

Assistant Surgeon Thomas J. Charlton was at the Savannah station during 1861/2
He served on the CSS Georgia in 1862/3, and was in Europe till 1864 when he joined the CSS Florida at Brest, in France, with captain Morris in command. He was captured aboard the Florida at Bahia, Brazil in 1864.
After his release from captivity on January 30th 1865, he travelled to Liverpool via Halifax, Nova Scotia.


From 28th December 1863 through to 19th May 1865, his wife wrote letters to him.. The originals of the letters are in the Charlton file No. 132 in Savannah Historical Society in Savannah Ga There are also two envelopes,one to Mr Rober(t)son, Rumford court, Liverpool, the other to T.J.Charlton, 10 Rumford Place, Liverpool (April 1865 from N.Y. to Liverpool on 16th). , the offices of Fraser Trenholm, Confederate bankers in Liverpool. . Kathy Walters, a descendant of Thomas Charlton, obtained copies, and has spent a long time deciphering these hand written documents. There are notations on words and phrases about which there is doubt as to the writers intention.



Letter of 28th Dec. 1863.

Letter of 5th Jan. 1864.

Letter of 12th Feb. 1864.

Letter of 30th March 1864.

Letter of 27th Feb. 1865.

Letter of 19th March 1865.

Letter of 28th March 1865.

Letter of 29th March 1865.

Letter of 19th May 1865.

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