Bulloch`s French Corvettes.

In 1863 James dunwoody Bulloch commissioned for the building of six vessels in France, two ironclads and four corvettes.One of the ironclads eventually became the CSS Stonewall, while the other was sold to the Russian Navy as the Cheops.
Of the four Corvettes, two were sold to the Russian Navy, and the remaining two were sold to the Peruvian Navy in May of 1864.

I am deeply indebt to Reynaldo T. Pizarro Antram, of the Peruvian Navy for the following information and photographs.


Above is a photograph of the "UNION" taken in 1879.

The two vessels purchased by the government of Peru in 1864, and subsequently named as "The Union" and "The America."

The corvette "UNION" served with great distinction in the Pacific War of 1879-1884.

The "AMERICA" was lost in the sea earthquake of 1868 in Arica, Peru as well as the "WAVERTREE" from the U.S. NAVY.

Below are two photographs of the "AMERICA" and "WAVERTREE" taken in 1868.


A group of nine called "BRIGADA NAVAL COMBATIENTES DEL PACIFICO" helped the Peruvian Navy in the recovering and restoring of two of the 68 pound cannon from the Union, and these are pictured below. The words Voruz and Nantes can be seen imprinted on the cannon, with the date 1864.

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