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Confederate Flag Still Flying, Jan. 1866

First Lt. Grimball, CSS Shenandoah stated in an article in the Confederate Veteran Magazine, that after the official surrender of the Shenandoah to the British authorities, at 10:30am on 6 Nov. 1865, the Confederate Flag was again run up.
The flag (a Stainless Banner) remained there until January 1866, and was only removed to permit the United States authorities to attempt their ill-fated plan to take the Shenandoah to the U.S.
She got into difficulties soon after leaving Liverpool, lost some spars , and was returned to the port, from where she was sold.
Semmes Almost Left The Alabama!

When the Alabama arrived at Cherbourg, France, on 11 June of 1864, Raphael Semmes was a very tired man, and he subsequently wrote to Flag Officer Samuel Barron, in Paris. Stating that he was exhausted after the cruises of the Sumter and the Alabama, also stating that he was was suffering from depression about the grim news from home.
He needed a rest, and Barron agreed, assigning Captain Thomas Jefferson Page to the Alabama.
The arrival of the Kearsage at Cherbourg quickly changed Semmes mind, and Page went on to command the CSS Stonewall.

Waddell`s Wife Arrested

While Captain James Iredell Waddell was pursueing the U.S. whaling fleet, unaware that the war was over, the United States authorities ordered the arrest of his wife, Mrs Waddell. What they hoped to acheive by this, with Waddell totally out of contact defies logic

Liverpool Men Keep In Touch With Bulloch<

Many of the men who served as crew on the Alabama continued their seafaring after the war. Upon their return to Liverpool some would regularly drop by to see Commander Bulloch, and discuss "old times." Bulloch was quite amazed by this, and touched by their loyalty to a cause that was not their own, calling it "our war" and "our ship."

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