Confederate Embassy, Liverpool, England

All the photographs on this page were taken by the site owner on 25th July 2000.

The " Confederate Embassy" was, and still is, located in Rumford Place, Liverpool.
It is now a "listed" building, and was extensively refurbished in the 1990`s.
photograph of the plaque outside Alabama House, which was the address of the Fraser

Trenholm company in Liverpool, managed by Charles Kuhn Prioleau of Savannah, Georgia.

Number 6 Rumford Place was the office of the Confederate Navy agent in Liverpool, Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch, but, owing to the secrecy of his mission, he had to remane incognito. being known as plain Mr. Bulloch, a civilian.
He was ably assisted by his clerk Mr. Robinson, a fellow Southerner.

It is more than likely that it was in this office that James Dunwoody Bulloch discussed with Raphael Semmes, the plans for the cruise of the Alabama, in the early days of August 1862.

The Confederate Embassy Building.
The blue vehicle at left in the photograph, is parked outside the entrance to Bulloch House (aka number 10 Rumford Place). There is an archway visible to the rear of the grey vehicle, this leads into a courtyard. Above the arch hangs a plaque with representations of President Jefferson Davis, James Dunwoody Bulloch and Raphael Semmes.
My photograph of this is unfortunately not good enough for the page.
Ther entrance to the Fraser Trenholm office, Alabama House, is just visible at right.

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