Ensign from the CSS Alabama.


It is a huge wool bunting "Stainless Banner" type of CS Navy ensign (1863-1865), measuring 170 centimeters (67 inches) wide by 290 centimeters (114 inches). With the time, the white field of the flag has turned to a greyish yellow. The battle flag canton is about 86 centimeters (34 inches) wide and 142 centimeters (56 inches) long. The arms of the saltire measure about 21 centimeters (8.25 inches) wide.



Ensign of the CSS Alabama

Museum of History, Cape Town, South Africa

This flag was Probably made after the Alabama's first visit to Cape Town and left there on the second visit, a few months later, after the ship had cruised in the Indian Ocean.
It is believed that the flag was made by some of the British crew of the Alabama, between her visits to South Africa. That would explain the errors, that are very noticeable to the experts.
The flag was left with a ship's chandler in Cape Town, a man who had helped the Alabama on its first visit.

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