CSS Georgia

Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury, Confederate States Naval agent, bought at Dumbarton, Scotland, in March of 1863, a new iron screw steamer of 600 tons burden and 200 horse power. She was named the Japan, and had been built for commercial service.
On April the first she cleared from Greenock, in ballast for the East Indies. Her crew of 50 men were shipped at Liverpool, signing articles for a voyage to Singapore and indeterminate ports.


Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury, Confederate States Navy

Maury had suspicions that the British were about to detain the Japan, and left Scotland in a hurry, his suspicionns were proven to be well founded when orders to detain her arrived at Greenock, on April 2nd.
Standing close by the French coast, off Ushant, she met by appointment the steamer Alar, which had brought her guns, ordnance,stores and supplies out from England.The officers who came out to join her, in the Alar, were Comm. W. L. Maury, 1st Lt. Chapman, 2nd Lt. Evans, 3rd Lt. Smith,4th Lt. Ingraham, Passed Midshipman Walker, Midshipman Morgan, Paymaster curtis, Surgeon Wheedon, and Cheif Engineer Pearson. She was commissioned into the Confederate States Navy as the CSS Georgia, with W. L. Maury in command.
Her armament consisted of five whitworth guns; two 100 pounders, two 24 pounders and one 32 pounder. Of the men who had signed for a trading voyage, only thirteen consented to ship as man-of-wars-men, the rest returningto England on the Alar, and the crew was made up by men brought out in the Alar.

In the Georgia`s short time at sea, she made prizes aggregating to a value of $406,000, during her 6 month long career. She eventually put into Cherbourg, France on October 28th 1863, where Commander Maury gave up his ship due to ill health, and the command passed to Lt. Evans. The Georgia had insufficient sail power for a craft of her nature, requiring to be re-coaled too often, consequently it was deemed correct to discontinue her career as a cruiser.
She was taken to Liverpool, arriving there on May 2nd 1864, where she was dismantled and offered for sale.

Captain W L Maury, CSS Georgia

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