CSS Georgiana


In 1862 - 63 there was built in Liverpool, for the Confederate States of America, a fast and powerful steamer called the Georgiana.
She escaped from British jurisdiction under the pretence of being destined for the Chinese service, and left Liverpool for Nassau, on January 22nd 1863; the intention being to run the blockade into Charleston, where she was to be armed and fitted out as a cruiser.
After being detained some time at Nassau, she started for Charleston, but was discovered in the blockade of the port and her captain ran her ashore, about March 20th, on Long Island Beach, on the South Carolina coast, to avoid capture.
Strenuous efforts were made by the enemy to get at her cargo, which was partly of military stores, and known to be quite valuable, but the Confederates kept off their landing parties, by bringing field batteries to bear on them.

The Georgiana however, was knocked to pieces by their shells.

Apart from the cargo, the loss was a serious one for the Confederacy, as she was a much faster and stronger ship than any of the cruisers afloat, and would have made a superb man-of-war.

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