The Bulloch Brothers Gravesite

On Wednesday 15th June 2000 I visited Toxteth Park Cemetery in Liverpool ,England. My purpose in doing so was to photograph both James Dunwoody and Irvine Stephen`s Bulloch`s graves, and to write down the inscriptions. In the first photograph, James Dunwoody Bulloch`s grave is the one in the foreground , with Irvine`s behind it.

James Dunwoody Bulloch`s gravestone is in reasonable condition.

Photographs and text of inscriptions on all four sides of the gravestone for James Dunwoody Bulloch.

James Dunwoody Bulloch
Entered into rest Jan 7th 1901

Martha Louise Bulloch
Younger daughter of the above
Who entered into rest March 7th 1947

Henry Dunwoody Bulloch
fell asleepFebruary 1st 1871
aged 10 years

James Dunwoody Bulloch Junior
entered into rest Aug. 31st 1888

Harriet Cross
Mother of above
and wife of James Dunwoody Bulloch
July 3rd 1897

The remaining sides were inscribed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1968.

Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch.
A little known officer of the United States Navy, he rose to fame, when at the outbreak iof the War between the States (1861 -1865), he resigned and accepted service inthe Confederate States of America. He was appointed envoy to England, by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States. Authorised to obtain and build a navy for the CSA. Working in Liverpool, and many other cities and major ports. Bulloch gave monumental service to the Confederate States in this delicate assignment.

Strong ties of common ancestry existed between the Confederate States and the Mother country England. Warm ties of friendship developed between Bulloch and the English people, and at the end of the war, he chose to remain in Liverpool.
This inscription is dedicated with warmest appreciation and highest admiration to our mutual countryman.
United Daughters of the Confederacy 1968.

Unfortunately the Cross is missing fromt he top of Irvine Stephens Bulloch`s gravestone.


The inscription is very worn and weathered.
Sadly there is no mention of his service on either the CSS Nashville, CSS Alabama or CSS Shenandoah.

Irvine Stephens Bulloch
Who Entered Into Rest July 14th 1898
Aged 56 Years

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