Where is James Dunwoody Bulloch Junior?

Harriet Cross Bulloch, James Dunwoody Bulloch`s 2nd wife, gave birth to the couples first child in 1858. He was named James Dunwoody Bulloch Junior, and died in 1888 at the age of 30 years, in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am aware of two burial sites, separated by 5,000 miles and the Atlantic Ocean, that both seem to claim him as a resident. The reader will find photographs and the relevant inscriptions below.

My grateful thanks go out to James Allen of Lynchburg,VA., for taking the time and trouble to provide me with the photos of the Lynchburg grave.

Footnote. The official list of Confederate Naval Officers, as supplied by the United States, lists James Dunwoody Bulloch Jr. as having served on the Alabama 1862-1864, what a smart child this 4 year old must have been


The grave of James Dunwoody Bulloch Junior in Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool, England.The inscription reads as follows:-

Henry Dunwoody Bulloch
fell asleepFebruary 1st 1871
aged 10 years

James Dunwoody Bulloch Junior
entered into rest Aug. 31st 1888

Harriet Cross
Mother of above
and wife of James Dunwoody Bulloch
July 3rd 1897

James Dunwoody Bulloch Jr. is buried in Spring Hill Cemetary on Fort Avenue. Spring Hill is one of the older cemeteries in Lynchburg

The inscription is as follows

To t he dear memory of
James Dunwoody Bulloch junr.
Entered in to rest August 31 1888
Aged 30 years.

The Burial Record exists and reads as follows:
Sept.1st, 1888 Esq. Jas D. Bulloch Jr. per Maj. SP Halsey
For Cloth & Copper Casket & Services for Self $150.00
Embalming Body $ 10.00
Sept 1st By Maj SP Halsey's Check $160.00

The burial record in Virginia would seem to confirm that the body is there.
So why is he listed on his parents grave?

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