Information re persons mentioned in the letters

MOTHER & FATHER refer to Julia's parents Heman Averill Crane of New Milford Conn. and Julia R. Underwood of St. Mary's Ga.

WILLIE is the brother of Julia and Horace killed at the battle of Mannassas (1839-1861)

UNCLE GEORGE is believed to be uncle to Julia, George Elliot Crane b. 1815 living in North probably Conn.

AUNT CAROLINE is believed to be Julia's aunt Caroline Matilda Crane former wife of Hiram R. Snyder (div) 1845 in Conn.

UNCLE TOM is believed to be Thomas J. Waters who owned property in Gwinette and Forsythe County Ga. and brother to TJC Jr. mother.

MR AND MRS. CHRISTIAN are believed to be James Christian and his wife Catherine (Kate) Fitts Christian. She is cousin to TJC jr. and her mother and his mother were sisters. Her mother was Harriet Fitts daughter of George M. Waters and wife of William H. Fitts.

MRS. MORRIS is believed to be the wife of Captain Morris of CSS Florida

MANN* ROSE AND MANN PATIENCE may be former slaves of George m. Waters freed in his 1852 will.

Mention of MAIUETTA GA visit may have been to Williamina Cleland sister of TJC Jr. mother or to neices in Marietta married to Archibald Howell.

RAREWOOD is the plantation in Bryan County inherited by TJC Jr's mother after the death of her father George M. Waters in 1852.


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