Crew Letter to J. N. Maffitt

Petition from petty officers and seamen of the C.S.S. Florida, to Commander Maffitt C.S.Navy, requesting to be transferred with him from that vessel.

BREST, September 16, 1863

We have heard that you are about to leave us to take command of another Confederate States vessel, and having received so much kindness and consideration from you, most respectfully desire to be transferred to the vessel you are to command.
Hoping, sir, that you will not consider our writing to be any breach of discipline, but as a desire to be again under your command, sir, we are,
Very respectfully, your most obedient servants,
Wm. Boynton Coxswain
John Ross Quartermaster
Wm. Sharkey Seaman
Wm. Patten Seaman
James McDonald Seaman
John McDonald Seaman
James Hawthorn Seaman
Thos. F. Brown Seaman
Wm. Wilsonn Seaman
Thos. Kehoe Quartermaster
Wm. Covell Quartermaster
John Hogan Fireman
Matt Woods Fireman
James Hewett Ordinary Seaman