Letter from H.A,Crane to Thomas J. Charlton dated March 29th, 1865

Letter to T. H. Jackson from H.A Crane

Savannah March 29, 1865

My dear Tom,

I have not written you for some time because I could not say what I wished to and write you now only on business. Julia C. was ordered yesterday to leave town in Flag of Truce Boat at 9 o'clock. tomorrow but I went and had the order suspended indefinitely. She may be ordered again within a week and many not at all.

Your sister decided to go and will go. My advice is for JC to stay here if she can. If you had the money to get her to Europe and support her then I should advise it. If she can't get away in the mean time she is very comfortable here if she can remain.

She has drawn her allotment up to September. Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb, 5 months now due of this only on credit 3% exchange sum yesterday. The other probably lost. Can you not get a credit for the whole amt. with ? the other $100 in my favor and send under cover to Charley? Green on deposit in Southern, subject to my order? to the sum enclosed. I say in my favor as JC may have to leave and in that case I shall supply her with confederate money and can get this and use for her benefit. Make just such an arrangement as you think will be most likely to result in her benefit. If she goes into the confederacy she cannot get it from you. We have of course shared the fate of other captured cities in many respects but after all we have got off better than we found. I am doing no business but working garden (with better prospect of crop than before) don't laugh- your mother and sister have a home with us share and share alike in ? phases that is far? we do while we have a crust or a crumb of bread. Keep good heart and hope for the best. That God who has been with us in prosperity will take care of us in adversity if we still trust in him. Let me hear from you. Enclose to William Churchill 84 William Street New York to forward to me or to someone here if you know of any better chain. Your last letter to your wife was handed to me by Mr. Charley? Green and came very direct and in short time.

Horace is at Fort Delaware a prisoner of war with l9th inst. and sending love to you. The order for all officers wives and family to go into the confederacy is ???beyond? and will under God bring it's own reward. In the meantime we must quietly and patiently submit. All ? well today with love

Yours Affectionately H.A. Crane