Savannah Feb. 27th 1865

My own darling:

I received your letter from Halifax and was happy to know you had gone thus far safely on your way. I am so glad to know you are once more at liberty and can have the comforts of life that I am in a measure reconciled to not seeing you as soon as I expected. I had hoped that when you were released you would have come home and have been dreaming of it until I received your letter saying you would leave for Europe. Had I sufficient means I could leave immediately for Liverpool without consulting you about it but as our means are limited and I might be a burden to you, I must await your orders. I am afraid we shall have little communication while I am here. I have not been able as yet to send any letters but will make every effort to get one to you. I shall not be able to remain here during the summer, as already our city is very unhealthy and every one predicts a summer of pestilence caused by the conditions of the streets and ? of the city, the quantity of decayed vegetables matter alone is sufficient to cause sickness. Nearly every tree in our beautiful cemetery is leveled to the ground. If I can do nothing else I will try to go to Aunt Caroline, if you do not object. I am careful of my health. I don't want to die before seeing you again and I don't want to expose our little darling to sickness.

We are very much obliged to you for the money you sent. I have not had my allotment since September, Nov., Dec., Jan. and Feb. will be due me tomorrow. But I have not been in want. I have had every comfort your kind thoughtfulness has given me. Not only comfort but luxuries. I of course have no green backs but those you send me... So now they only thing I want is your dear presence which I fear will be denied me for a long time yet. How I envy Mrs. Morris. I never wished for riches mine in my life. I have never felt the want of them until now when want of means keeps me away from you.

I have written you several times of Priss marriage to Mr. Hudson but you have never said a word about it or taken any notice of it. She was married in Christ Church the 29th of September. I received your letter forwarded by Mrs. L. and intend sending her one to forward to you for me. Cpt. L. is still here and comes often to see me. I have sent you one picture of Tom and myself but they are very poor ones. Going to have better ones taken and send by the next letter. If you don't receive any letters you must not think I have neglected writing.

I feel as tho years had passed over the last few months. We have passed through many trying scenes. Oh how I long for Peace. God grant it may soon come. Do you know I am turning grey. I find more and more of them in my hair everyday.

Write me as often as you can and do tell me if you will be kept in Europe or sent home. I must stay with Papa until I can go to you. Tom moves all about and is the most mischievous little scamp you ever saw. You would delight in him. He is his fathers own boy. Loves to tease. He doe not say but one or two words but understands all you say to him and makes us understand what he wants. All send love to you. Accept many kisses from little Tom and a heart full of love from yours ever Julia