Letter from Julie Charlton to Thomas J. Charlton dated March 19th, 1865

Savannah March 19th 1865

My own darling;

I am sitting in our own room this quiet Sunday evening (baby fast asleep in his little crib) thinking of my dear absent one. I went to church with your Mother this morning and my thoughts were of you all during the service. Dreaming of your return home or the probability of my going to you. If we only had the privilege of writing freely I could better stand our separation. But writing as we do, I don't feel as if we had any communication. I have been waiting anxiously a letter from Liverpool. Your letter from Halifax was ever since the 3rd of Feb. and I have heard nothing since. I have written several letters to you but don't know that they will ever reach you I want to leave Savannah in May for the up country if I can get out. I don't want to risk the summer here with the baby. Papa and Mother will stay, aitho I should much prefer their going.

We have had several deaths among the old citizens lately. Mrs. George Anderson, Mrs. Wodard, Miss Lusem? Robertson, Mr. M C Henry and Mr. William Bullock. There is also a great deal of sickness among the children. Mann Harriett has gone to Lapels? to plant She came to tell me good bye. She cried when she told the baby good bye and told me to send her love to you when I wrote. I miss her very much and feel sad to have her go. Fortunately my baby did not fret after her at all.

Pon? Horace is at Fort Delaware and no probability of his being exchanged for sometime. We had a letter from him a day or two since. He is quite well and in good spirits.

Our delightful spring weather has commenced. I don't think it could be more beautiflil anywhere in the world than here. But oh how homesick it makes me. My heart yearns for home until it aches. When shall I ever have a home again.

You must pardon me for writing you this sad letter. My heart is so full and I know there is no one in the whole world who would sympathyze with me as you will. The yellow jasmine is in bloom. I never see it or ? its fragrance without thinking of you and the past. The one you planted by our little darlings grave is growing and I suspect in full bloom now but I can't walk out to the cemetery as often as I would like.

Mrs. Clrristian is here and quite well. Dear old Mrs. Hunter died a few weeks ago.

So darling try and get a letter to me somehow. I want to hear from you and know what you think I had best do. Stay with Papa or go up the country.

Papa, Mother, Priss and your Mother send much love. Little Tom sends a sweet little kiss. Accept a heart full from yours ever. Julia

Have a good photograph of yourself taken and send me. I don't like the one sent from Brest. Don't forget to write to May Walker about that money I never received it.