Letter from Julie Charlton to Thomas J. Charlton dated March 30th, 1864

Savannah March 30th 1864

My dear Tom,

I just received three of you dear letters, one written sometime back September the other two dated the 6th and 9th of February. The letter written the night you sailed. Mrs. Morris received Cpt. Morris's letters and then received a letter from a friend in Liverpool telling her the Florida has got out safely. I was glad to hear from you and know you were safe and well but it made my heart very sad to think of you being exposed to so many dangers and not being able to hear from you for so long. If it were only one line to say were safe and well I could be content but to think it may be long months before I can hear and write [you]. I will hope for the best. Try to give all my thought to this future and pass the present as best I may. What would I give could you only see this baby. He is a noble looking little fellow is said to have a fine head, has large bright dark blue eyes and a sweet expression when he smiles and above all is one of the best babies I ever saw, good all day and never disturbs me at night. You ask how [ ?] likes him. He follows Mann Harriett all about and runs to the baby whenever he cries. I have often been up in room and if down in the yard the baby should cry and? comes bounding up stairs jump upon my lap and clap the baby's hands and the baby sits by the hour and watches as if playing about. Oh how I long to see your nice smile? and have you see our dashing boy. God grant he may be spared to us and you may return home. I can't help feeling so even perhaps it is best I should. Our thought are ever with you in storm as in calm, day and night I am thinking or dreaming of you and am praying God to keep you safe and soon return you to us. I can't imagine why you do not receive my letters. I feel almost discouraged about writing. I have sent all my letter as you directed me to Mr. Gerry Nicceled?] to Fraser Trenholm & Co. just as Mrs. Morris does hers but I will continue to send them hoping they may be received after a while. I received the lace you sent and am very much obliged. It is beautiful. I also received the letter of Fraser Trenholm & Co.'s and Papa will write to the firm in Charleston about it. He wrote to them on the receipt of your first letter and they said they had not received any such advice from Liverpool but supposed they would write soon. I will share with your Mother as you requested. It will be sufficient for us. You have kept me well supplied with comfort. I have always had nice tea and ? coffee while many are without either and I have been enabled to have many comforts that others are deprived of but my comfort is denied me Your presence is more to me than all else in this world?. I have not heard any thing of Cpt. Maffitt yet. Mrs. Morris and I are quite anxious to receive our packages. Mrs. Barolandes? good little baby is dead. He died Tuesday? of dysentery poor little fellow. I thought he would have been spared. He suffered so much when that operation was performed and recovered so near death, then was restored to perfect health.

Horace is far from being well, that is his leg is. Dr. Bullock says he will never be able to march on it again and will have to use his crutches six months longer. He is looking quite handsome and is quite a gallant ? the ladies. I received both of your photographs but I am distressed to see how thin you ? I am afraid you have forgotten you promise to me about using tobacco. Your face looked so thin and sad it gave me the blues. Everyone seems to be hopefiti about the war and thinks it will not last much longer. I hope it may not but I am afraid to build up any false hopes. I want to have the baby's picture taken to send you but I want to wait until he is six months old, which will be in a short time now. I have written you several descriptions of him and hope you may receive the letters. I will now say good bye. I don't feel as tho you will get this letter and only write to let you know we are all well and have received your letters. Your Mother and Priss are well and send love to yo~ Mann Harriett sends love and says take good care of yourself

God bless you and keep you safe accept a heart full of love from yours ever Julia

I am turning grey. Priss says you had better look up as your wife, she pulled a handful of grey hairs out of my head a day or two ago.