The log of John Low, CSS Tuscaloosa.


"At 5h15 A.M. this morning made a sail on our starboard bow standing in for the land and as we ourselves were heading in for the same land (the Island of Flores)
we kept up a little and made all plain sail to cut her off, as we neared the vessel she proved to be a fore & aft Schr at 7h15 A.M. brought the chase too by firing starboard bow gun with blank cartridge, when we sent Lieut. Low on board, she proved to be the Schr "Courser" of Provincetown out on a whaling voyage bound into Flores for supplies the capt & his papers were then sent on board she had a U.S. Register so we made her a prize employed during the morning in paroling the prisoners and getting them all ready with their baggage to go on shore as we were getting a large number of them on board--
by 12 o'clock we had them all ready in their own boats which we had kept from their vessels purposely to land them in, as soon as all were in their boats we passed them all astern and took them in tow behind us (eight boats) and stood close in for the land as soon as we got well in shore so that they would not have much of a pull we cast them off, and wore ship and stood off from the land and were then engaged as we were standing off shore in transferring what articles were on board of the prize that were wanted on board of us to the vessel. By 4 P.M. we had on board what articles we wanted and from 4 to 6 P.M.--
left the prize and stood of from her, and called all hands to quarters and fired shot & shell at prize for practice for men from 6 to 8 Secured the Battery & sent Lieut Low & prize crew on board to fire her-- Prize bearing at 8 P.M. 8 1/2 S-- Dis 6 miles Lat at noon 39 [degrees] 40' N Long 31 [degrees] 10' W-- "


Some of John Low`s artifacts.

Left to Right:- Revolver,Framed photograph of the Alabama, Sword, Wwoolen cap, Waist belt and plate,


John Low`s Cutlass

John Low`s Telescope