Photograph Album

Comfederate Navy Personnel

Edwin Maffitt Anderson
William Param Brooks
Irvine Stephens Bulloch
Thomas J Charlton
Thomas C. Cuddy
James Evans
George Townley Fullam
Frances L. Galt
John McKintosh Kell
J. M. Kell in 1861
I Lake, CSS Florida
David Herbert Llewellyn,
John Newland Maffitt
Matthew Fontaine Maury
William Lewis Maury
Captain C. M. Morris
Matthew O`Brien
G. W. Quinn
Charles W. Read
Raphael Semmes
4th Lieutenant Arthur Sinclair
Commander Arthur Sinclair
James Iredell Waddell. CSN
John Wilkinson, CSS Tallahassee.

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Photos and/or illustrationa

CSS Alabama
CSS Fingal
CSS Florida
CSS Georgia
CSS Nashvile
CSS Shenandoah
CSS Stonewall
CSS Rapahannock
CSS Tallahassee
CSS Texas/Pampero
One of the two Laird Rams
Two of Bulloch`s French corvettes The Deerhound

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Bulloch brothers
Raphael Semmes Monument
CSS Shenandoah Officers
CSS Shenandoah Logbooks
Uniform buttons - George T Sinclair CSN
Alabama Painting, Liverpool Maritime Museum
Bulloch graves in Liverpool
Bulloch brothers gravemarkers
Bulloch`s telescope and pistol
Commander A Sinclair, grave & photo
CSS Shenandoah Officers
CSS Shenandoah Logbooks
CSS Sumter Officer`s
Gravestone - 3rd Engineer Cummings
John Low gravesite
John Low and ofiicers from CSS Tuscaloosa
Lts. Armstrong & Anderson on the Alabama
Raphael Semmes Monument
Payoff Certificate
Lairds "turret"Ship


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