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Lt. George S. Shyrock arrived in Liverpool, England in June of 1863, and duly reported to Commander James Dunwoody Bulloch with letters from the Confederacy.

Within a very short time Lt. Shyrock was ordered to Clydebank, Scotland, where he was to superintend the construction of the CSS Texas, later to be known as The Pampero.

The area was alive with United States spies and British observers, and it was inevitable that the British authorities would eventually step in, to prevent the Texas/Pampero from escaping.

When it became clear that the Texas/Pampero would not be released, Lt. Shyrock was ordered to Calais, in northern France.

The Texas/Pampero after being seized by the British at Glasgow.


Sometime early in 1864, Lt Shyrock arrived in Calais, France, and reported for duty aboard the CSS Rappahannock

The Rappahannock had originally been built in London as a steam sloop of war in 1857, for the British Government.

Numerous defects were responsible for the British decision to sell her. She had been purchased, through a secret agent, by Commander M. F. Maury, on November 14th 1863.
By 1864 it had become clear to the european Governments that the Confederate States were losing their fight for independance, and not surprisingly, the French Government placed repeated obstacles in the path of the Confederacy. In August of 1864 the Rappahannock`s crew was discharged, with only Lt. Shyrock remaining aboard.Early in 1865 Lt Shryock was ordered to report to the CSS Stonewall.



The CSS Stonewall was originally called the Sphinx, and had been built at Bordeaux, France by L. Arman, for Commander Bulloch.

After intervention by the French Government she was sold to Denmark, from whom Commander Bulloch surreptituously purchased her for the Confederate Government.

With Captain T. J. Page in command, LtShyrockShryock left Denmark aboard the CSS Stonewall in a snowstorm in January of 1865.

The Stonewall was obviously unfit for a trans-Atlantic cruise, and had to call in numerous European ports for repairs. Lt Shyrock eventually arrived at Havana, Cuba, aboard the CSS Stonewall, to learn that the war was over and that the Confederate States of America were no more.


Lt George S. Shyrock returned to his home in Kentucky in 1866, and lived until 1890, when he is reported as passing away in St. Louis, Missourri.


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