Commander Arthur Sinclair`s gravesite

Commander Arthur Sinclair CSN departed Liverpool in January 1865, in command of the blockade runner Lelia
The vessel floundered and sank, losing all hands. My information is that Commander Sinclair`s body was washed up approx. 3 months later, in the area of Fleetwood, a fishing port around 50 miles North of Liverpool, and ut us there where he is laid to rest. Most of the ornate lettering has worn away from the gravestone, so far, these photographs are mt only view of this grave, but that will change, The inscription I have so far managed to decipher reads:-

To The Memory of
Commander Arthur Sinclair
of Norfolk Virginia,

There is an obvious reference to the Lelia, as can be seen by the ornate capital L at the base of the photographs. The grave itself is virtually buried under a very large bush, but steps are in hand to amend that situation.

Another photograph of his grave, kindly provided by his family

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