CSS Shenandoah Logs



The Last Surrender

In July , 1865, Lt. James Waddell and the men of the confederate commerce raider Shenandoah did not know the war was over. They had been at sea for ten months and were then off the coast of Alaska, capturing and burning a Northern whaling fleet. On August 2, the crew learned from a san Francisco, Calif, newspaper carried aboard an English ship that rumors of the Confederacy's surrender were indeed true.

Fearing imprisonment in the United States, the crew disarmed the vessel and sailed to Liverpool, England where they turned the ship over to British authorities. The Shenandoah was the last Confederate military entity to surrender.

Final logbook entry of the CSS Shenandoah November 5, 1865.

These are the official logbooks carried on board the Shenandoah throughout it's voyage.
The last act of the war is recorded at the bottom of the page on the right.

The Logbooks of the CSS Shenandoah

Page at left. Shenandoah Log book

Graph of hour, knots, course steered,
Direction by Compas

Course and distance made good
Proceeding noon by observation

Page at right under the command of Lieutenant Commanding James I Waddell Sunday, 5 November, 1865

Record of the Miscellaneous events of the Day

A.M. from Midt to 4
as per cols

From 4 to 8
Cloudy with fresh breeze. At daylight made the Irish coast.

From 8 to merid
Overcast & pleasant 9:45 passed the Taskur. Sent down the Royal yards
From Merid to 4
as per cols

4 to 6
under steam. Several sails in sight.

6 to 8 moderate and clear 8 to midt
Moderate and puffy 9, passed South Stack.

On the 5th instant arrived in the Mersey, off Liverpool and on Monday the 6th surrendered the Shenandoah to the British Nation by letter to Lord John Russell, Premier of Great Britain.

The log is approved
James I Waddell (Signature)

Examined and found to be correct