******** The Heritage Trail********


A list of sites, most with photos, in the Merseyside area of North West England.

All of them relevant to the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865

The sites on the trail are all properties and venues, that were attended by personnel from both the Umited States and the Confederate States of America.

Where ever possible, photographs are attached.
My grateful thanks go to Mr Bob Jones, of Liverpool, the driving force and initiator of this venture.
Roy Rawlinson.


Should you be planning a visit to England, or Liverpool in particular,
and wish to know more of the Heritage Trail, then please e mail
Bob Jones

in Liverpool, and he will do all he that he possibly can to assist you.

The trail itself encompasses the homes, and offices, pf many of the participants in events here, both Union and Confederate. Teddy roosevelt visited his Uncle Jimmy (James Dunwoody Bulloch) here, as did Jefferson Davis, but in a slightly different capacity.